08 April 2014


SLMPetersen has been closed, for the foreseeable future.
Please visit my newest blogging venture -  
Around the Petersen Table
Please be sure to update your RSS Feed to reflect the link to the new blog and join the following.  You'll also find a link to the new Facebook Group over there.
If you're looking for my photography, please visit SLMPetersen.com

Thank you for your loyal following.  It's time to move on, start anew and give things a fresh new path and look. 

27 December 2013

Remodeling In Progress

Yes, I know, I said I was retiring this blog.  However, I am the one who gets to decided and change her mind.  There will be a serious remodel taking place over the next several days, weeks, months, maybe even year.  The Plan is as follows:
  • All Photography Posts will be moved to SLMPetersen.com, with all of my other photography related content.
  • All Recipes will be archived and move to Around the Petersen Table: The Petersen's Recipe Box.  This step will take time and will take place over the course of several months maybe even a year.  
  • All Other Food Posts will be reviewed, then they will be revised and put on Around the Petersen Table, or the will be archived and removed.  
  • All Business Related Posts will be archived and removed.
  • All Remaining Posts will be evaluated based on content.  Then archived, deleted or republished as I see fit.  
My thought process is to turn this blog into a place to showcase my creative projects.  

06 August 2013

Studio Space

I spent Sunday working on my creative space.  I haven't had a space to call my own in over a year.  It feels good to have a room to call my own again.

Blank Slate - not the most flattering or best photo, but you get the idea

The mirrored closet doors have plans...they are moving out this afternoon.  I sold them.  There was just no way I was gonna create in a space with these HUGE mirrors staring at me.  Once they move out the closet on the other side will be getting a makeover.  Hubby is going to install shelves for all my supplies and projects, so they have a happy home.

The white walls will go, I haven't decided on a color as of yet, but I have pile of color chips to start the brainstorming with.  The valances will stay, I made them ages ago for a different room in a different house, but I love them in my new well lit studio space. 

I need to get off my lazy toosh and get some prints and canvases of my photography made to decorate my new space with.  I also need to get a could of shadowbox style frames for a few things.  I have some mementos that need a home to be displayed and shared. 

Nothing like starting with a blank canvas.  This will be the first studio space that I will have the time and money to customize as I go.  The first studio I will paint and the first studio I will spend the long dark winters in.  Happy creating!


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