28 April 2010

Refashion (Part 2)

The brown linen skirt, well this project took me down many paths before completion. This journey began with a cute strapless dress that was two sizes to small.

Initially it was meant to be a long linen skirt with a white panel, that was to be made from the pillowcase from yesterdays post, but the black stain prevented that. From there I took the path of trying to fashion a tunic style tank; which was, at the very least, unflattering to my bust line.

That was where I ended day one of this refashion project. I left my tank/tunic on the sewing table and went to read a book. By the next morning, I had a fresh eye and a clear mind for the project at hand. I set about creating a knee length skirt, once I tore out the tank/tunic.

I am sorry there are no pics of the work in progress, that show all the many stages of how it became a lovely linen skirt.  I am trying get better about this, I really am, but sometimes I just get caught up in the moment...

What started out as a spaghetti strapped dress two sizes too small, has become a very lovely linen skirt for the summer. Although it wasn’t the intended result I was going for, I am very pleased with the end result. I think the heat that will come with the Texas summer will be more tolerated in a lovely linen skirt.

So what do ya think? Lovely, no?

I will definitely be looking at thrift store dresses in a new light.  I have seen a few other bloggers by big tent dresses and turn them into wonderful wardrobe pieces.   Stop over and visit Sew I Thought to see some great things she has done with the giant dresses. 

I haven't a clue what tomorrow's post will bring, as I didn't my writing done ahead of time like I have the last two weeks....stop by tomorrow and be surprised!


  1. That skirt looks great. I'm lucky if I can sew a straight line on the machine I have. Of course I have my mom to sew for me when I really need it.

  2. Thanks! Not really the original design I had in mind, but it worked out perfect.


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