06 August 2013

Studio Space

I spent Sunday working on my creative space.  I haven't had a space to call my own in over a year.  It feels good to have a room to call my own again.

Blank Slate - not the most flattering or best photo, but you get the idea

The mirrored closet doors have plans...they are moving out this afternoon.  I sold them.  There was just no way I was gonna create in a space with these HUGE mirrors staring at me.  Once they move out the closet on the other side will be getting a makeover.  Hubby is going to install shelves for all my supplies and projects, so they have a happy home.

The white walls will go, I haven't decided on a color as of yet, but I have pile of color chips to start the brainstorming with.  The valances will stay, I made them ages ago for a different room in a different house, but I love them in my new well lit studio space. 

I need to get off my lazy toosh and get some prints and canvases of my photography made to decorate my new space with.  I also need to get a could of shadowbox style frames for a few things.  I have some mementos that need a home to be displayed and shared. 

Nothing like starting with a blank canvas.  This will be the first studio space that I will have the time and money to customize as I go.  The first studio I will paint and the first studio I will spend the long dark winters in.  Happy creating!

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  1. Looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product--and the creativeness that will flow there.


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